Young people and women must have the opportunity to lead change within their own communities. We enable women and youth to access information and defend their rights. Young people often have the desire, energy and idealism to do something about the injustice they see in the world, they are powerful agents for change.

We provide opportunities for young people and women to learn about the impacts of legislative change in their communities. Through various outreaches, we help them to analyze proposed legislation in relation to their goals and assess the extent to which it will have an impact on them. We help them to push for legislation, building coalitions and advocating for specific local laws that have great impacts on their future. We transform their feelings of anger, sadness and hopelessness into concrete actions that can make the world more equitable for sustainable development.

We initiate and create public awareness campaigns educating people about particular issues that affect young people in order to inspire change. This is done through organizing public dialogues, art, school outreaches and online campaigns.

Young people and local women often find it difficult to access the mainstream media. We help women and youth to share their views and stories and reach beyond their friends into the hearts of communities, nations and the world through various media channels.

Young people across the globe are a driving force for change. They are creative, inspired, energetic and enthusiasticIn order to create sustainable impact, international development must collaborate with and learn from these crucial stakeholders. If leaders alienate this huge portion of society they will fuel the discontent, revolt, and violence.  By including youth and women in the decision making processes, empowering them to have a voice about their future, and leveraging their creativity and energy, we can see an immense amount of change for the better.

This is a time for bold measures. This is the country, and we are the generation.

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