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Inspire psychosocial helpline endeavours to provide professional and free counselling services through technology-assisted mediums such as telephone, email, and chat to anyone in need of emotional support, irrespective of age, gender, sexual orientation or race, and transcending geographical distances while ensuring confidentiality. We are a team of 6 employees seeking support from Samaritans like you to help run our services in a convenient manner.

Non- financial Donation:

You are welcome to help us by donating assets, which will support running Inspire’s day-to-day office operations. This not only will facilitate in maintaining our counselling and administrative services in the areas of psychosocial well-being and mental health, but will also encourage recycling unwanted items. Following are some of the assets that we would like to receive.

Donate laptops/smartphones:

You can donate used/old, but functional, laptops and smartphones. These devices will be utilised for running our operations and offering counselling services.

Financial Donation:

We are seeking financial support. Should you prefer to make a one-off or monthly donation, we will be happy to connect with you and take this forward.

How you can donate to us:

Please donate to us using our DONATE site or contact us via the following address.
Email Id:
Phone Nos: +256 392 980 472