Uganda Youth Leadership Forum

Uganda Youth leadership Forum (UYLF) is a program initiated by Inspire Youth For Development which convenes children and youth from around the country to dig deeply into issues that affect young people. The discussions always cover a wide range of topics which included health, education, employment and human rights. It gives an opportunity for youth to understand challenges, learn about existing approaches, and plan action that can be taken to improve on the programs. The UYLF has spurred students to form student chapters; pursue studies and volunteer work in nonprofit organizations, policy, and international topics; and advocate for today’s challenges that matter to them.

This annual gathering has numerous benefits but several in particular that relate to engaging and sustaining youth in a movement. Young people are invited to participate annually. Our adult leaders are phenomenal at what they do and help to inspire youth not just as advocates for the issues that affect young people but as world-changing leaders who have opportunities to connect meaningfully with peers and see what is possible when a group of likeminded, committed young people comes together.  

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