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Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights

Together We Can Promote Adolescent And Sexual Reproductive Health.

Adolescents have  traditionally not been considered a health priority in many countries, including Uganda. Young people often have less access to information, services and resources than those who are older. Health services are rarely designed specifically to meet their needs and health workers  occasionally receive specialist training in issues pertinent to adolescent sexual health. It is perhaps not surprising that there are particularly low levels of health-seeking behaviour among young people.

The negative health consequences of adolescents can pass from one generation to the next. For example, babies born to adolescent mothers are likely to suffer from the same social and economic disadvantages encountered by their mothers. That is why addressing the needs of adolescents is an intergenerational investment with huge benefits to subsequent generations.


Program Pillars

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The program advances girls’ leadership by facilitating PARLIAMENTS through which girls & women advocate with key stakeholders especially clan leaders, church leaders, parents and local leaders to design and implement strategies that are aimed at empowering communities to end gender inequalities and  child marriages.

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This is a youth-led advocacy model that targets adolescents and youth to empower them by delivering stigma-free and rights-affirming information on issues of health, sexuality and human rights. Young girls also receive information, supplies and facilities to manage their menstruation. The programme builds young people and adolescents’ capacity to advocate for their health and well-being at the personal, community and national levels. 

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U-KONNECT provides convenient space for youth to receive free counselling and mentorship services. The program provides space for SRH innovations where young people come together to find solutions to SRH issues affecting them. Young people are then connected to coaches who guide them to develop prototypes, refine and redesign their ideas, solutions or approaches. 

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Youth Voices

Youth Voice empowers and amplifies young people’s voices  to advocate for policy reforms by engaging policy and decision makers at community, district and national level to prioritize young people’s access to quality  Sexual and Reproductive Health services. The program has facilitated dialogues between young people and various decision makers at different levels.

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